Meadow View Nature Area

1901 Laneview Dr Ennis Texas 75119

Formerly known as Bluebonnet City Park, this area consists of 39 acres located on the northeastern shore of the lake. Access is via Lake Bardwell Rd (Highway 34)There are no sanitary facilities at this time and the area is only accessible by foot. Nature lovers may park at the entrance and step over the short gate to walk into the area. No vehicles of any type are permitted as the area is prone to flooding when there are heavy rains.

2021- THIS PARK IS OPEN TO VEHICLE TRAFFIC ONLY IN APRIL. The rolling hills in the former campground are covered in bluebonnets and wildflowers each spring. During April ONLY the gate will be opened during daylight hours to allow visitors to drive into the nature area to view the wildflowers. 

May 10, 2021 The gate is now closed to the park for the season.  You may park outside the gate and walk in.